School Management System

GSMS is high end school management software solution, providing management with the ability to manage and monitor, as well as interact with their students, their parents individually, as a pre-defined group or to the whole class. Rising to the challenge and requirements of today’s modern schools, GSMS provides the ability to deliver, manage school activities, finances and administer various policies and maintaining focus at all times.



1. Employee and payroll management provides leave and attendence, allowance, increments and Salary deduction management.

2. Manages defination of account heads, cash book, JV, ledgers, Income statement, Trial balance, Balance sheet.

3. Students & parents can check results, attendence, fee payments, recommended books for the required courses.

4. Manage monthly & yearly fees, generate reports like pending receipts, sibling concision, total receivables & much more.

5. One time setup and configuration, classes, subjects, sessions, groups, fee structure, accounts etc.

6. Student registration, previous academic details and searching students like core activities are made simple.

7. Role based access & secure login so that users can easily retrieve or store data which is allowed by admin

8. Students exams marks awarded & successful students are promoted and results can be delivered via SMS, email or website.

9. Notice board allows communication between parents, teachers and administration.

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