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Map my Fitness

Map my fitness app is made by the famous Under Armor. It is free. It offers 800+ workouts. You can also share your routine with others. You can also track your heart rate and running. Membership is also available, annually and monthly, for $5.99/month or 29.99/Year.

7 days workout

This free workout offers only seven days of workout plan. Workout anywhere, anytime and the equipment is not even necessary. Each video to come with a tutorial. It’s absolutely free. Voice and video instruction with every workout. The workouts can be customized. You can also track your workouts and calories burned.


This workout app offers exercises with both the equipment and also using your own body weight. This workout app is also free. You can have digital coach. You can be a part of a motivating community.  The workouts are made to suit the user’s lifestyle.

Getfit in 30 days

Getfit in 30 days is an app offers 30 days free exercise. You can this free workout app in your home without any equipments. This app also offers a meal plan. There are 30 days of women exercise course. Getfit in 30 days is designed by very professional fitness coach.

Class Pass

Class pass is a free workout app. You can also stream your workouts. Based on what you like to do. The upgrade also includes yoga, barre, and you can also book a class through this workout app.