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We at PureTech

Puretech is the software development firm and professional IT (Information Technology) company in Peshawar Pakistan. Our software company provides all kind of custom software development services, software Testing with Software engineering process, IT services, Software development outsourcing services and elegant responsive to the client. Our software company work from last 7 years on worldwide software products and delivered multiple projects to the clients. We have the highest professional software development team always, focused and walk the extra mile with the commitment of delivering the values to the clients. We work on Game development, Mobile applications, Web applications; Digital marketing and Designing including 2D and 3D.








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PureTech has great expertise in (ICT) information communication technologies. Cloud computing, IOT, AI, Home Automation and Digital Social Engagement Apps lies within the sphere of expertise.

Web Develoment
Mobile Application Development
Hardware Solutions
Management Information Systems
App Store Optimization
Salesforce Customization & Development


Puretech One of the best. who I’ve worked with. very helpful, very smart, I strongly recommend to work with.

Air Force

Puretech pulled impossible 4 me. Surely work again with you in future


Welfare Organization
Very good experience! The idea I wanted to have delivered in the Project was immediately understood and implemented in the project. I would certainly recommend this service. Thank you

AlFarah Movers

Transport Company
A true professional.

Unique Fabrics

Did an absolute superb job! Working with him on the next phase as well.



Satisfied Clients

Web Development

Puretech has extensive experience in the area of Web design and web development. Puretech has proficient and qualified web developers to offer web development services with an elasticity of broad spectrum of information technologies. This particular area has given advertisement a new orientation and has given the best software use a new way of use. Every firm and company wants itself to be present in the cyberspace. We, at PureTech, help people get entry into this world. We provide new high tech web-based application development. This is a particular field where we take advantages of our research to be deployed and the verity of this can be witnessed from the projects we have completed. This field is not only confined to the web development but also to a whole new world of use of the best software. progressive web applications these days are the state of the art software combined with the advantages of being online everywhere. We are the best fit for development in this area.

Mobile Application Development

We develop robust mobile applications. Our highly skilled android application developers can build cost-effective and secured mobile applications at a fast turn around time. PureTech offer Android application design and android application development services. Based on your requirements PureTech produce apps which can be standalone or integrate with other data sources using secure management systems. Our mobile application development allows for apps to be output for native iOS and Android platforms. At PureTech all mobile apps are developed to deliver content and functionality to users through an intuitive and optimized interface. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure the latest smartphone features are integrated with your mobile app.

Hardware Solutions

PureTech has a great team of enthusiastic engineers for designing, developing and implementing microcontroller based systems. This area is of great interest to PureTech especially when it comes to the automation of the manual systems like home automation, office automation, designing smart security computerized systems etc. We at PureTech design various products which provide ease and comfort to human life. We also provide on-demand solutions for your daily life problems.

Salesforce Customization & Development

Salesforce Customization and development is best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product. This is an online application. The user can access it anywhere through an Internet-enabled mobile device or a connected computer. It provides sales representatives with a complete customer profile and account history, allows the user to manage marketing campaign spending and performance across a variety of channels from a single application, tracks all opportunity-related data including developmental milestones, decision making, customer communications, and any other information unique to the companies’ sales processes. We have a broad working experience and expertise in Salesforce Customization(CRM), SalesForce development and Force.com App development. We are expert in Salesforce integration with third-party APIs. We provide services to customize your salesforce organization according to Customer requirements and to integrate it with any third party app.

Management Information Systems

A Management Information System (MIS) provides information that organizations require to manage themselves efficiently and effectively. Management information systems are typically computer systems used for managing. PureTech specializes in building MIS solutions. PureTech is using a new robust technology that allows developing of MIS application quickly, which saves your time and money. PureTech’s MIS Applications Development Services offer complete end-to-end development and delivery of app. We build both stand-alone and cloud-based MIS apps. Stand-alone apps store all the information on your computers’ hard drive while cloud-based apps store your info on the drive as well as on a web server which reduces the risk of data loss. We provide on-demand service on order basis and also working on our own apps.

App Store Optimization

We at Puretech provide the best quality of Applications optimation, by expert App Optimizers to boost your app on play store to the top level. App optimization can increase the visibility of your app on play store and increase the number of downloads.

Web Development

Mobile Application Development

Hardware Solutions

Salesforce Customization & Development

Management Information Systems

App Store Optimization


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