Elite Sniper Shooter

"Military Commando: Sniper Kill" is a 3D thrilling action expereinced game. In the Storyline of this elite frontline sniper game you play the role of Contract assassin killer and a Hitman crazy sniper. As an elite killer frontline Military Commando trained with both Sniping and combat skills, assassinate enemies and finish the job. Terrorist have taken over the special force camps full of equipment and battle ground. You got to take back what has been lost. You are an elite frontline full power gorilla commando skill warriors fighter,Contract killer and a crazy sniper you have been assigned a task to rescue prisoned armies and clean up the base from enemies by some serious crazy sniper kill action. Attackers are the most dangerous terrorist group. Make sure to use your elite frontline, Military Commando and combat shooting training with super weapons and make serious assassin strike and surprise them with a huge attack. Remember you are on a Sniper elite killer mission. Take aim at evil, where it hides bia.

You must sniper kill all the enemies and their savage elite leaders. Elite Military commando have fully trained with super weapons. you as a Frontline crazy sniper and elite member, expert in warrior fighter with special weapons and team tactics. You are equipped with your favorite sniper hunter rifle. Now go on, use this powerful sniper guns and slay hordes of enemies with assassin strike. Get ready for a kill shot. Destroy all those peoples who stands in the way of a peaceful world. If base is not recaptured people shall be afraid of Enemy nightmare.

You may face fully armed terrorists hidden behind the walls but you must make an assassin strike like Crazy sniper. Don’t lose focus once they uncover themselves make sure to put a bullet in their head. We assign you very important mission. Aim and Shoot! Make an assassin strike on bad guys and accomplish missions prove you are a Master hunter. Leave no enemy behind. 

Patrolling Enemies ready to kill you, you must save yourself and show your Remarkable performance. Don’t worry Military Commando is on the way to help you complete mission successfully. Prepare the Sniper rifle, kill the attackers and make your country proud. It is time to load out your fire arms.

“Military Commando: Sniper Kill” is the most immersive and realistic 3D battle game you were looking for. Join the war and enjoy greatest combat and snipping experience now. Don’t forget to rate the game and share with your friends if you like it.

Game features:
• First Person Shooter Game (FPS)
• Cool enemy animations
• Easy and intuitive controls
• Photo Realistic Camps
• Easy and user friendly Interface
• Real 3D sniper experience
• Addictive Game-play
• Varying AI behaviors
• Extra Rewards for Headshot
• Multiple Environment